About Us

The Portuguese Ecological Society is a scientific association.

Established in December 1995, SPECO crafted a suitable environment where ecologists can and should interact, reinforcing the ecological science in its interdisciplinary. We seek to be a dynamic scientific community, increasingly awaken and active on social issues.

SPECO aims to reach all who use ecological science as a base to nature conservation and environmental management. Moreover, we develop scientific or technological activities in the fields of Ecology and sustainable development, fulfilling a long time void in the national scientific community, a meeting point among several different fields.

Although young comparing with their fellow European associations, SPECO established from start a pool of ideas and lively discussions during conferences, workshops and debates that have been promoted or supported, and in the various initiatives that have been set up since the beginning.

  • Member of the European Ecological Federation;
  • Enrolled in National Record of the Nature Defence Organizations (APA);
  • As an Environmental Non-Governmental Organization (ENGO) it has taken part of several meetings and conferences.
Since it’s foundation, SPECO’s number of members has been growing in a way that evidently shows the support and interest of the scientific and technical community, and reflects the vitality it has promoted numerous activities.

The average annual growth in the first four years have been exponential. Currently SPECO counts with a significantly large number, given the nation scientific society, of around 500 members.

What we propose

  • Promote the knowledge of Ecology on the domains of research and education;
  • Strengthen the networks of national and international researchers and support interdisciplinarity
  • Encourage the enforcement of ecological principals in development, use and conservation of natural resources;
  • Collaborate with entities: official or private, national or international in the development and implementation of adequate ecological solutions for the environmental problems;
  • Direct information fluxes related to Ecology;
  • Edify citizens to the ecological issues contributing to a more intervening society;
  • Promote the link between citizens and the government, regarding conservation, science and educational politics issues.

What we do

  • Organization of the National Encounter of Ecology, with the participation of ecologists from different fields;
  • Publication of the Summaries book of the National Encounters of Ecology;
  • Four-monthly publication of an online scientific magazine (Ecologi@);
  • Organization of conferences, seminars and debates;
  • Attribution of grants to students and young researchers to participate in scientific events.
SPECO - Sociedade Portuguesa de Ecologia
(+351) 217 500 439
Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
Edifício C4, 1º Piso, Sala 4.1.10
1749-016 Lisboa
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